New asbestos cases - four mesothelioma lawsuits in St. Louis

Four new mesothelioma complaints were filed , at the end of last month, in the 22nd Judicial Circuit in the City of St. Louis.

  • Louise Della-Croce filed a lawsuit against 16 defendant corporations.
  • Kathleen A. Kelly sued 39 defendant corporations.
  • Khachick Khodadadi filed a lawsuit against 15 defendant corporation.
  • Raymond Pitrucha Jr. and Rhonda Marsh of Missouri filed a lawsuit against 18 companies.

Della-Croce, Kelly and Khodadadi will be represented by mesothelioma attorneys Christopher R. Guinn, Myles L. Epperson and William A. Kohlburn of Simmons, Browder, Gianaris, Angelides and Barnerd in Alton.

Pitrucha and Marsh will be represented by mesothelioma attorneys Aaron K. Dickey of Dickey Law Firm in St. Louis and by Devin C. McNulty and Troy Chandler of Williams, Kherkher, Hart and Boundas in Houston.

In her complaint, Della-Croce said the defendant companies caused her recently deceased husband, Albert Della-Croce, to develop mesothelioma cancer after his exposure to asbestos products throughout his career. The complaint does't indicate where Della-Croce resides, however it states that Albert worked as a driver, farmhand, refrigeration pipefitter and laborer in Colorado and California, according to the complaint.

Kathleen Kelly, in her complaint, said her mother, Anna Marie Kelly, developed mesothelioma cancer after she worked as a laborer , receptionist, clerical worker and ranch worker at several locations between 1976s and1992s. The mesothelioma lawsuit states, that she was also secondarily exposed to asbestos fibers through her ex-husband, T. Tegro, who worked as a laborer between 1976s and 1983s.

In her complaint, Khodadadi alleges she developed mesothelioma cancer after she worked as an financial and accounting analysis advisor from 1969 until now.

Pitrucha and Marsh allege their recently deceased father, Raymond Pitrucha Sr., developed lung cancer after his exposure to asbestos products throughout his career as a drywaller, laborer and sheetrocker between 1960s and 1990s throughout some of the midwestern states.

The suit alleges that the defendants should have known of the harmful effects of asbestos products, but failed to exercise reasonable care and caution for the plaintiff's safety.

As a result of their asbestos-related diseases, Anna Marie Kelly, Albert Della-Croce, Raymond Pitrucha Sr. and Khodadadi became disabled and disfigured, incurred medical costs and suffered great physical pain and mental anguish, the complaint says. In addition, they became prevented from pursuing their normal course of employment and, as a result, lost large sums of money that would have accrued to them, the plaintiffs claim.

Because of Albert Della-Croce's, Anna Marie Kelly's and Raymond Pitrucha Sr.'s deaths, their families have incurred funeral costs and have been deprived of their support and society.

In their four-count complaints, Louise Della-Croce, Kathleen Kelly and Khodadadi are seeking punitive and exemplary damages over $50,000 and actual and compensatory damages of more than $50,000.

In their four-count complaint, Marsh and Raymond Pitrucha Jr. are seeking actual and compensatory damages over $125,000 and punitive and exemplary damages over $50,000 and punitive damages in an adequate amount to deter Ferris Kimball Company from performing similar acts in the future, plus costs and other relief the court deems just.

(St. Louis Circuit Court case numbers: 12-L-408, 12-L-438 ,12-L-442, 12-L-443)

Source: "The Madison Record, New asbestos cases filed in St. Louis circuit court" Kelly Holleran, Feb. 08, 2012

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