Asbestos Mesothelioma Compensation Reform Delay in UK

MP John Woodcock
After lobbying from Barrow and Furness MP John Woodcock, victims of the asbestos mesothelioma cancer will initially be exempt from a government's reform to no-win, no-fee legal claims.

The UK government last week angered lords, campaigners and MPs by including victims of the industrial disease in changes which will see successful claimants pay part of their damages to their solicitors (lawyers).

The UK government said the changes were designed to discourage spurious claims, but Mr John Woodcock and other MPs argued asbestos mesothelioma victims should be exempt as a result of the severity of this disease.

Mr. Jonathan Djanogly, justice minister, said there had been careful reflection concerning the sensitivity of the cases of mesothelioma victims.

Mr. Djanogly also said the planned changes wouldn't be introduced for mesothelioma compensation next April but the latter will be.

Mr John Woodcock said: “The UK government proposals on asbestos mesothelioma cases were breathtaking in their lack of sensitivity and arrogance. Mesothelioma cancer is a deadly disease, which hundreds in Barrow and Furness suffer from as a result of their work in the ships building that defended our shores."

"They deserve every penny of mesothelioma compensation they're awarded." said Woodcock "To lump them in as part of a ‘compensation culture’ is absurd!"

Mr. Woodcock also said: “I am pleased that, following their defeat in the crossbench peers and Lords by Labour, ministers finally provide grounds to this issue. Mesothelioma cancer victims will now be excluded from the Jackson reforms to legal aid, which would have seen the costs of their mesothelioma cases being deducted from their compensation. UK ministers have committed to only implementing any changes following a review by the Lord Chancellor into their possible impact on mesothelioma proceedings. We clearly still have to be vigilant, because the threat of docking compensation has not entirely gone away, however i'm happy that we've at least secured this pause.”

Since 1981, from the mesothelioma cancer, 197 victims in Barrow and Furness, 42 victims in Copeland and 59 victims in South Lakeland have died, according to figures from the HSE (Health and Safety executive). Health and Safety executive is the national independent watchdog for work-related safety, health and illness.

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